Links of the Week

Hello friends! Here are the links I’ve been reading this week…

Peter, “The Greatest Customer Service Story Ever Told, Starring Morton’s Steakhouse” – Peter told this story one year ago and reading it again today made me giddy. And get this – I tweeted about it and got a hilarious response back! Good customer service and sense of humor. Gotta love it.

Running for 28 Years, “RIP: Peter Bis” I first met Peter in June 2006 right after I moved into my tiny little studio apartment on the Senate side of Capitol Hill. I’d see Peter every day when I walked to the metro, or on my way to my favorite neighborhood watering hole, The Union Pub. He remembered my name and would always say something cheery to me in passing. One time, after my roommates and I began to actually sit and chat with him, Peter told me about his life and his blog. I was so saddened to read this that I nearly teared up. Peter was a constant, friendly presence on that block; it won’t be the same without him.

New York Times, “Overt Discrimination in Ohio” I rarely take to my blog to discuss political matters. But regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I think we can all agree that fair voting practices are intrinsic to the success of any democracy. I was glad to see the update on this op-ed that all Ohio counties will indeed follow a uniform early-voting policy. In related news, Ohio voters will have the opportunity to vote against partisan gerrymandering on the November ballot. The bi-partisan Ohio redistricting reform measure will be issue 2. Read more, here.

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